Nose Surgery Costs


Rhinoplasty Surgery Costs

Rhinoplasty Surgery Costs


A comprehensive consultation, including a simulated computer generated preview of the proposed result – created from a set of digital photographs – costs R500.00. The surgeon will give you a print of the preview to take home.


Our single, all-inclusive quotation for rhinoplasty – given to you after a consultation – covers the surgical fee, operating theatre, specialist anesthetist, theatre sister, drugs, medication, and follow-up consultations for a year. No other, or hidden charges apply.

Because of the unique nature of each procedure, our surgeon will only give you a quotation after a clinical assessment. We can’t unfortunately respond to email or telephonic requests for quotations.


Surgical costs depend on the expected duration of surgery and the anticipated complexity of the procedure. Complex procedures – particularly those covering scar tissue complications from earlier surgery done elsewhere – take longer and may require lyophilized donor tissue to reinforce the structure of the nose. Simple procedures take less time. To simplify costing, we divide surgery into three broad categories.


A relatively simple procedure performed through the nostrils (intra-nasally) on a nose untouched by earlier surgery to modify or remove a nasal hump or align a deviated nose or nasal septum.
 Virgin  procedures account for 70% – 80% of cases, last between 1 and 1 ½ hours, and cost about R50 000 (all inclusive) depending on the nature of the operation. More complex forms of ‘virgin’ nose surgery may extend the cost beyond this range.  


A relatively more complex procedure performed by raising the skin tissue of the nose to expose the nasal anatomy; used for delicate ‘nasal tip’ surgery and related aesthetic refinements. Complex ‘open’ approach procedures last between 3 and 3 ½ hours. As a general rule ‘open’ surgery costs range from R50 000 to R60 000.00 and upwards. In some instances – depending on aesthetic nuance and complexity, especially around the tip of the nose – the cost may rise.


An often complex and long operation to correct a disappointing, disfiguring result from earlier surgery performed elsewhere by another, usually inexperienced or less qualified surgeon.
 Because of the unusually complex nature of most revisions, we can’t suggest an estimated cost until our surgeon has examined your nose.

NOTE – Revision surgery requires specialized training, skills and experience, especially if scar tissue from earlier surgery, complicates the procedure; or as in some cases, the surgeon has to repair anatomical damage (excessive, unnecessary or careless trimming of nasal tissue) caused by another surgeon. For a full explanation of revision surgery, click here. 


How much value does one place on a critical result, when the result – visible and exposed to every social encounter – depends entirely on the discretion and skills of one person? You can’t, a good result is beyond value, and our patients recognize this. So, when you compare fees, you might find ours higher than those charged by a general surgeon. But, unlike a general surgeon, our clinical team specializes exclusively on nose surgery in a dedicated theatre equipped for rhinoplasty. They do it almost daily. That’s the difference.


Medical aid schemes do not reimburse members for plastic, or cosmetic surgery, defined medically as ‘luxury’ or ‘elective’ procedures. Most medical aids will, however, cover functional and reconstructive surgery against pre-determined rates. To find out, talk to your medical aid.

Because the Nose Clinic is a private, specialized clinic, we do not participate in medical aid schemes. Our patients settle cosmetic and functional fees in advance of surgery, and submit claims for functional procedures directly to medical aid.


The favorable international exchange rate reduces the cost of a cosmetic procedure in South Africa significantly compared to similar procedures in Europe and the USA. It’s worth remembering that international quotes often only reflect the surgeon’s fee, and not usually the related hospital and specialist anesthetist costs. To calculate an approximate cost, apply the current exchange rate to the figures supplied above, but remember, the final quotation may differ from the estimated range.


Rhinoplasty is not a stock, ‘off the shelf’ item, so there’s no standard price for a surgical procedure. Because each is unique, we don’t, and can’t give you a quotation based on emails (or images) or in response to calls until our surgeon has assessed your nose.

NOTE – Plastic surgery of the nose, particularly functional surgery to correct a breathing abnormality, depends on an examination of the nasal anatomy. Photographs do reveal anatomical abnormalities or physiological impairments in the air channels of the nose. What we see on the outside is the tip of the iceberg. We hope you understand this precaution. Over 30 years, it has helped us to make informed decisions for our patients.

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